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Matt and Dustin talk green screens, Miley Cylons, and pork rind reserves. Enjoy!

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Holy Crap! May and Ward are boning, Skye missed her calling as psychotherapist, and Fitz/Simmons have the emotional range and psyche of Hunior High Students.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Radiation. It's not good for the human body.

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Nerd reaction to each and every episode of Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers...

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Greetings Nerdlings! We here at the Brothel hope you enjoy this episode with plenty of gaming talk and a crap-ton of laughter! Final Fantasy, Ysalamiri, and Quack.

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Join us as we delve deeply into the velvety folds it hot in here? Lets just talk about Battlestar Galactica.

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Get your Marvel on with this weeks commentary of Agents of SHIELD

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Its a Dustin free week here at the Brothel, but we do our best to be as informative and fun with Brenton and Jeff on the show. And for all you Dustin-heads out there, dont worry, he still had the time to send us an important PSA from Follow Networks. Enjoy!


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Step into the Brothel and feast your ears on the golden musings of three pod gods. We'll thrill you with delight and fill you with Battlestar knowledge to be bested by no mortal man. 

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Technical Difficulties, sorry guys

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Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm EST's way better than wrestling

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