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Inclement weather has delayed a typical episode, Brothel fans, so that means you get part two of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Tyranny of Dragons: Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  Be sure to check out last week's episode where we begin our adventures, as well as the Monophobia for more Brothel gaming!



Lucas as Yas the Drow Fighter

Troy as Xander Darkwood, the Half-Elf Paladin

Matt as Zebul Seabane, the Human Cleric

Jeff as Bernard Picklebritches, the Gnome Wizard

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And so, brothelites, an epic quest begins for the Brothel crew.  Hosts Cody and Matt invite frequent show guests Lucas, Troy, and Jeff into an ongoing DnD 5th edition game, Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  Follow along as we learn the game together!


Lucas as Yas the Drow Fighter

Troy as Xander Darkwood, the Half-Elf Paladin

Matt as Zebul Seabane, the Human Cleric

Jeff as Bernard Picklebritches, the Gnome Wizard


Stay tuned for more episodes on the Brothel feed soon!

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Recording in a comic shop is my new favorite thing! Apologies for the sound quality as we couldnt mic everybody in the store.

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What does the Secret Wars storyline hold for the future of Marvel? Let's walk down that lonely road together, maybe with some "Walking Away Hulk" music

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This week your dose of Brothel is bursting at the seams with mystery, conspiracy, and Gillian Anderson's shoulder pads.  Piggy backing off of last week's discussion with Jeff, Cody and Matt discuss the recent news that Fox is thinking about continuing their landmark franchaise.  Toss in references to David Duchovny's sex addiction, Matt's fear of alien abduction, and Cody's childhood Valentine's Day box, and you have a whale of an episode ahead of you!

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It is finally here, brothelites, the oft suggested yet never before recorded podcast on The Dresden Files, a detective noir series about the Chicago based wizard Harry Dresden.  We lost Matt along the way, but after updating software superfan Jeff and Cody were able to discuss the series at length.  Pick up your blasting rods and strap on your shield bracelets as these two Dresden fans get you up to speed on this wildly popular fantasy series by Jim Butcher.

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It's the end of 2014, brothelites, and this week Matt and Cody have put on their thinking caps to come up with the best of geekdom over the past year.  Categories include Best Theatrical Release, Best Continuing Series, Best Convention of the Year, and many others.  So if you need a pick me up on the way to a boring New Year's Eve party (or a cure for a healthy hangover) why not check out this latest episode?  You know you want to learn who won Mr. Brothel 2014...

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We hit it all for Geek Holidays so sit back and enjoy!

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This is it, brothelites, the penultimate showdown between William Townsend (played by Matt) and the spectre of Ethan Blaine.  Expect fisticuffs, tome reading, and a good old fashioned night in jail as we finish our play through of Vengeance From Beyond, a Call of Cthulhu Monophobia scenario.

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After two days of searching, William Townsend (played by Matt) has finally come face to face with Ethan Blaine.  Will he get the Scripture of Shul back?  Find out as The Rancor's Brothel continues its Actual Play of the Monophobia "Vengeance From Beyond", a Call of Cthulhu scenario.

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Matt continues his adventure as William Townsend on the search for the Scripture of Shul in our second installment of the Monophobia "Vengeance From Beyond," a solo Call of Cthulhu scenario.  Armed with a list of potential contacts and a sketch of the thief Ethan Blaine, will he have any sucess in finding the man, or is madness and death in Matt's future?

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This week in lieu of a typical episode the boys debut their first actual play, Vengeance From Beyond, a scenario by Unbound Publishing for the Call of Cthulhu RPG.  Matt takes up the role of Mr. William Townsend, and Cody is the Keeper of Arcane Lore.  For those of you not familiar with CoC or BRP rules, Cody runs Matt through the basics before the investigation begins.  Enjoy!


Anyone interested in perusing the (free) Monophobia pdf can download it from the link below.

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After a week off due to work conflicts, Matt and Cody are back at it.  This week the guys continue to rave about great comic book television.  They also take a trip down memory lane and discuss Scream through rose tinted glasses.  Be sure to join us at the Indypendent Show this coming weekend where we will be recording live!

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Join us, dear listeners, as Matt and Cody descend into the dank, dark halls of madness and horror.  This week, the guys discuss all manner of spooky things, including those dread things out of the dark that terrorize them to the core.  Give it a listen, then do yourself a favor and go out and experience the change of seasons. 


Have a spooky Samhain and terrifying Halloween!

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Hello again listeners.  This time Matt and Cody chat at Brothel North studios about Awesome Con, Jason Aaron, Silence of the Lambs, Gotham, and Agents of Shield.  Matt also makes it to the very end and only swears one time throughout the show.



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This week in Cody's kitchen the guys meet up with local comic creator and self publisher John Graham, the founder of Indianapolis' Indypendent show, a gathering of the local area's independent comic creators.  The guys have fun chatting about the upcoming shows and conventions as well as discussing various nerdy topics.


Thanks for listening.

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No full show this week, but we encourage you all to check out other fabulous Follow Networks podcasts such as

The Heel Angle

MadChat with Matt and Chad

Instant Film Review


See you all on the 1st of October!

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No more teasing folks, it is time for our gargantuan episode.  Two weeks ago Heel Angle podcast host Lucas and our Brothel own Cody spent all day in The Android's Dungeon in Avon, talking about comics with a number of fun and chatty people.  The day culminated in a the Android's Dungeon Book Club discussion on Black Science.  Enjoy the extra long content.


Below are some links to Jon Parrish's work.  Check it out!

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The Brothel sits down once more at Cody's dinner table and he and Matt discuss the merits and history of fantasy sports for this week's main topic.  Cody is still pissy about his week one loss, and Matt has some interesting innovations for future fantasy sports.

In What We've Been Reading, Matt talks about six month old Ultimate Universe stuff, while Cody discusses God Hates Astronauts, Avengers, and the Death of Wolverine.  

Geek Movie of the Week, Matt salivates over Kevin Smith's return to the director's chair with Tusk, but Cody's dogs aren't quite so pleased about him making three movies in one year.


Sit back and enjoy the nerdiness.

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This week on the Brothel our dynamic duo is back in action, having recovered from various late summer flus and other commitments.  Both our hosts are still behind in reading but have an interesting, spoiler filled chat about the latest Walking Dead issue. For the main topic, Matt discusses his love of cryptozoology, while Cody plays the skeptical card.  Settle in for some laughs and a suprise quiz in this week's episode of the Rancor's Brothel.  


Be sure to head to the Android's Dungeon this Saturday for a live recording of the Brothel with Cody and Heel Angle host Lucas!  They will be chatting all day with customers and attending the Book Club discussion of Black Science afterwards.

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Sorry for the delay, Brothelites, but Gen Con got the better of Cody, who is suffering from a case of both nerd coma and the flu.  He and Matt forged ahead though, to discuss the history of the convention and its effects on our city.  The guys plan to return to more regularly scheduled content next week.  Enjoy!

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A shorter show this week folks, as we lack Matt, who has fallen ill.  Cody was undeterred though, and pushed through his co-host's absence to bring you some tips on attending Gen Con this year.  Joining Cody in the Brothel Cave this week was newcomer Fodrea, a lifelong friend and fellow Gen Conner.  Stay tuned for rants, advice, and a chafing discussion.  Enjoy!

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This week on the Brothel Cody invites Matt and guests Daniel and Austin into his dining room to discuss the outbreak of esports in the gaming community.  This subculture of video games has become prominent over the last few years, culminating in major international tournaments played in front of large crowds for millions of dollars.  Cody, Austin, and Daniel are all players and fans of the growing sport, whereas Matt has a very different viewpoint on the subject.

What We've Been Reading: Austin discusses Black Mirror and American Vampir, while Cody reviews Wicked and the Divine #2.  The guys also discuss the upcoming female Thor title.

Geek Movie of the Week: Devil's Pass, a found footage film about the Dyatlov Pass Incident, provokes a strong discussion of the paranormal, time travel, and flaming alcohol bloopers.  Shout out to the podcast Blurry Photos for a fascinating episode that prompted the watching of this film. 

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*And by at Comic Con we mean we saw footage of it on the interwebs.


This week, hosts Matt and Cody discuss some of the big news out of San Diego Comic Con.  Included subjects are Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Ant-Man, Wonder Woman, Superman vs. Batman, Age of Ultron, Agents of Shield, and more.


In Geek Movie of the Week, Matt invites everyone to check out Amazing Spiderman 2 with him at the Dollar Movie Theater.


Cody catches us up on Batman Eternal in What We've Been Reading


My apologies for the sound quality in this episode, I have done my best to eliminate any clicks and pops without distorting the waves.  -C

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This week, Matt and Cody start off by revealing shameful secrets.  They also need more sleep, can you tell?


We go backwards in this episode, as we start with a long discussion of amusement parks and why we find them enjoyable.


Matt discusses his latest reads of Death of the Family and Game of Thrones while Cody gives a spoiler filled update of Marvel's summer event Original Sin.


We really need to stop podcasting late at night.  Enjoy the show!

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This week on the Rancor's Brothel we invite fellow Follow Networks podcaster Lucas Patterson on the show to discuss the Comic Book Club at The Android's Dungeon in Avon.  This past weekend the club met for the second time to discuss the first volume of the Walking Dead, and much conversation and hilarity ensued.


We also talk about what we've been reading.  Matt shows some love for Warren Ellis, Lucas updates the guys on the indepedent scene, and Cody catches up and some much needed comic books.


And in our movie of the week, the group discusses the first Transformers film thanks to Matt's sentimentality.  Happy Anniversary to Matt and Nat!


That plus all the Gargoyles love you can handle in this episode of the Rancor's Brothel.

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This week on the Good Ship Brothel we invite our resident sound designer and music man Ian Shannon along for the ride to discuss his first ever viewing of the Ridley Scott classic, Alien.  Be prepared for a surprisingly intellectual conversation about horror, xenomorphs, and predators that eventually descends into chaos and tomfoolery.



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This week we mix it up a bit and just have a random conversation covering some broad topics.  In this episode, you will find:

Wolverine against a Sith Lord

Android's Dungeon Book Club

ASH Show review and how to not get swindled

Game Time


... and the Brothel's new favorite holiday.  Abandon hope, all ye who enter the Rancor's Brothel

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In this episode a stunning duo of brave podcasters leap from the future of 2013 into the present of the 70's to save Nixon... or was it the 80's to protect a senator?  Have no fear though, brothelities, your time traveling hosts will sort it and the rest of the X-Men loopholes out... or at least struggle vainly to make sense of it all.  Join us in the time warp, will you?

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In this week's episode we chat about HBO's latest hit, True Detective, and the bizarre themes and topics the show naturally evokes.  The crime procedural/cop buddy tv show takes a bizarre twist into dark realms of nilhilism, cult activity, and the truly profane.  Our conversation is suprisingly light on spoilers, so if you want a taste of the madness come on in to the brothel and we'll see how far down the crazy rabbit hole goes.

Our reading segment covers two new awesome books by Jason Aaron, as well as a discussion on Batman.

For Geek Movie of the Week, Matt attempts to sell Cody on watching the RoboCop reboot.

And this week's Vs. pits RoboCop against DC's Cyborg.

We also spent too much time talking about camping... and we hate trains.

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Its a short but sweet episode this week as we forgo our typical format in order to recap Indy Pop Con.  The weekend was long but enjoyable, and we were able to meet a few heroes and make some new friends.  Here about our experiences, likes, dislikes, and general drooling over some of our favorite comic book folks.  Also, be sure to check out the recording of our Comic Book Making panel over on the Instant Film review podcast.

A Follow Networks podcast

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This week we invite the Heel Angle podcast and Marvel's Agents of Brothel co-host Aaron into our lair to discuss the season finale of one of our favorite TV shows, including possible future storylines, the various ties the show has to other Marvel media, and our unhealthy love of Clark Gregg.


In comics, we piss off Matt with the issue 2 of Future's End as well as tales of creepy clowns.


And for this week's showdown, we put the ultimate puzzle master vs. the supreme puzzle solver.  Who will win?


Come in to the Brothel, the water's warm... I think because someone peed in it.

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We're a bit late but never fear, the Brothel duo is finally here!  After sorting out some scheduling problems we hit the ground running with a quick discussion of upcoming Fall shows including Constantine, Gotham, and our sincere hope for another season for Agents of Shield.

In What We've Been Reading your crime fighters discuss some must read Free Comic Book Day books as well as new necessary items for your pull list.  And yes that includes another DC weekly book.

VS pits the Arnold T-800 against Agent's of Shield's Deathlok.

And for our main topic, since Matt is slowly transitioning into a cyborg and Skynet in inevitable,we talk all things Terminator quadrilogy... so come with us if you want to nerd!

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This past weekend the stars aligned with the two holiest of nerd holidays, Free Comic Book Day and May the 4th.  In this episode of the Brothel we discuss our love of Star Wars, and Cody puts Matt and this week's guest Daniel on the spot with some Super Hard Jedi Trivia... can you outdo them?  

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Fuck it, I dont know what to type. Just download this show. Its funny and informative. Get your geek on. 

Who would win in a fight between a Predator and a Klingon? 

Is Batman a sociopath?

Is The Watchmen Alan Moore's best on screen adaptation?

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Agents of SHIELD companion pod

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Anne MotherFu**ing Rice is returning to The Vampire Chronicles with "Prince Lestat" on October 28th 2014! I hope it makes me as sexually confused as the previous novels mind. Enjoy!

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I was right!!! Super sorry if you watched tonights Shield episode without having watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Spoilers.

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A Game of Thrones vs, Cody bought too many comic books and we talk about the new Captain America movie! Enjoy!

Direct download: Cap2.mp3
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Who can Coulson and Skye trust?

Direct download: Endofthebeginning.mp3
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yeah man, episode 4.20

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We tackle the Hunger Games, a vs between Katniss and Merida from Brave plus some nerdy chit-chat. Happy Birthday Cody!

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Almost there!

Direct download: bsg69.mp3
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No big topic, just the two of us doing what we do best, gossipping about nerdy crap!

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3 more episodes down the hatch. Cliffhanger!!!

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I'd like to Sif her panties...What?

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Wow! South Park has been on the air for 17 seasons! Seems like only yesterday we were all sick of the Scuzzlebutt repeat and now there're over 240 episodes to choose from!

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We found Earth!!! And it sucks... who is the final Cylon?

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Holy CrapNuggets! Was that a Mother Frakking Kree?!?!

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Best vs of 2014! Let's talk about supporting your local comic shop and local conventions. Yeah San Diego is great but your hometown needs you!

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My God, this franchise has meant so much to me over the years. My first literary love, my first big screen anticipation, lost my virginity to the soundtrack..

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Two dorks get sidetracked trying to talk about BSG episodes 'Faith' and 'Guess Whats Coming to Dinner'

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Pushing through Season 4 of the BSG. Its getting pretty intense. Mutiny!

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Welcome back Listeners! Do you watch Game of Thrones? This show doesn't just capture your imagination, it puts it in a well in the basement and demands that it rubs lotion all over.

Ok, not convinced? Well we have plenty of other content so join us and check out our whole network.

Direct download: Game_of_Thronesfinal.mp3
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A new co-host joins us on a permanent basis at the Brothel!

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Instant review of Shield episode 13 T.R.A.C.K.S.

Direct download: TRACKS.mp3
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2 episodes of BSG all set for your ear holes. Enjoy

Direct download: season4-12.mp3
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Direct download: dragonlance2.mp3
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Dont be alarmed. I know its been a long time since you saw a Rancor's Brothel on your Tuesday queue. Sometimes, grown-ups just need to take time apart to fully appreciate what they had. Please take me back baby! I love you!

Lost, Geek Movie of the Week, Vs and much more  

Direct download: LOST1.mp3
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Made for tv movie!!!

When's a razor not a razor? When its an allegorical pocket knife.

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Direct download: seeds.mp3
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WOW! We just watched an hour and a half of court procedural drama to get to the most intense 10 minutes of BSG to date! Holy Shi-poop!

Direct download: Crossroads.mp3
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Sorry about the audio issues, my microphone appears to be having some troubles.

Direct download: shieldmagicalplace.mp3
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Ok, its the lame episode before all Hell breaks loose in space. Or so people have hinted towards. Very short episode and it was interrupted by a 2 year old so the listeners can know just how hard it can be to find a free 5 minutes to lay down a pod. We hope you enjoy!

Direct download: The_Son_Also_Rises.mp3
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Welcome Aaron! Lets meet our new co-host and get prepared for the second half of season 1!

Enjoy your hangover!

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Shotgun Andy recites an Xmas poem.

Direct download: Andys_Night_After_Xmas.mp3
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Sadness ensues with the climactic deathin this episode... Cylon?

Direct download: MaelstromFinal.mp3
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A Christmas Special About Christmas Specials!!!

Direct download: christmas_special.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:26am EST

Direct download: BSG_Dirty_Handsfinal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:07am EST

Direct download: BSG_A_Day_in_the_lifefinal.mp3
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Continued discussion of the LOTR universe as we prepare ourselves to say 'Goodbye' to Dustin next week.

Edward Cullen vs Blade, some sexy talk about the Hutts and why is Nightcrawler such an appealing X-man?

Direct download: LOTR2final.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:43am EST

Sorry about my kid

Direct download: bsgjoe.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:50pm EST

Frank Oz, The Bat vs The Blind Guy, and plenty of LOTR talk... also semen jokes

We put the F U in FUN

Direct download: LOTR1Final.mp3
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Edward James Olmos directed, Brothel approved.

Direct download: bsgcheers.mp3
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Is Starbuck a Cylon!?!?! Dustin literally blew my mind with his evidence...

Direct download: bbgrapturefinal.mp3
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Dr. Who is the one show that I hear "You need to watch it" the most. Thank God my friend Aaron attended The Day of The Doctor 3D event and now hes going to tell us all about it! Enjoy!

Direct download: Dr_Whofinal.mp3
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Matt and Dustin talk green screens, Miley Cylons, and pork rind reserves. Enjoy!

Direct download: BSG_3_10_Eye_of_Jupiter.mp3
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Holy Crap! May and Ward are boning, Skye missed her calling as psychotherapist, and Fitz/Simmons have the emotional range and psyche of Hunior High Students.

Direct download: Repairs.mp3
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Direct download: Thanksgivingpod.mp3
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Radiation. It's not good for the human body.

Direct download: BSG_3.09.mp3
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Nerd reaction to each and every episode of Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers...

Direct download: the_well.mp3
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Greetings Nerdlings! We here at the Brothel hope you enjoy this episode with plenty of gaming talk and a crap-ton of laughter! Final Fantasy, Ysalamiri, and Quack.

Direct download: Tumidalsky.mp3
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Join us as we delve deeply into the velvety folds it hot in here? Lets just talk about Battlestar Galactica.

Direct download: BSG309.mp3
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Get your Marvel on with this weeks commentary of Agents of SHIELD

Direct download: the_hub.mp3
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Its a Dustin free week here at the Brothel, but we do our best to be as informative and fun with Brenton and Jeff on the show. And for all you Dustin-heads out there, dont worry, he still had the time to send us an important PSA from Follow Networks. Enjoy!


Direct download: marvelfinal2.mp3
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Step into the Brothel and feast your ears on the golden musings of three pod gods. We'll thrill you with delight and fill you with Battlestar knowledge to be bested by no mortal man. 

Direct download: BSG_3.08.mp3
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Technical Difficulties, sorry guys

Direct download: fzzt.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:26pm EST's way better than wrestling

Direct download: highlanderfinal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:00am EST

Direct download: bsg307final.mp3
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Aaaaahhhhhhh, there's no episode this week! But its all good becuase you get more of us!!!

Direct download: BROTHELnoshow.mp3
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Direct download: Shotgun_Andy_3.mp3
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It's WoW week at the Brothel! Discuss the physics of Warp Speed in Star Trek, or the fact that Padme had to resign her Senatorship when she was percieved as an unwed mother. There's another commercial from Shotgun Andy and a Post-Apocalyptic versus this with a twist and plenty of dick and fart jokes! Thanks for listening and spread the word!

Direct download: wowfinal.mp3
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The Brothel crew reviews another episode of Battlestar Galactica. We certainly learning someting about their control.

Direct download: bsg306.mp3
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The world's fastest reaction podcast to each episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Direct download: THEGIRLINTHE_FLOWEDRESSfinal.mp3
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Don't lie. You know the first time you saw Dragon Ball Z in the tv guide, you pronounced it "Dragonballs"


Direct download: animefinal.mp3
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Today Matt joins Dustin in Brothel Studios East as they discuss such topics as ethical conundrums, jazz pianos, and Matt's gaseous bowles. Oh, and there's some Battlestar Galactica mixed in there too...

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