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The first inquiries into Elias' death aren't going well, but it is plain to see the murder was a targeted attack against their good friend. Will the players uncover anything useful, or spend their time running from doormen? Find out as we continue Masks of Nyarlathotep, a Call of Cthulhu campaign. 


Jazz as Sybil Ripley

Troy as Owen Young

Schroeder as Eustice Weatherton

Lucas as Cecil Tarkington III

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Marked by the Ytepka Society, the party faces certain doom at the hands of the merchant princes. Yet, the surprising appearance of an aarakocra may uplift their defense. Will their trial render a gulity verdict? We continue Tomb of Annihilation, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign.


Dave as Nolan Kingsong

Josh as Stonebold Cleaveoften

Fodrea as Saul Payman

Flynn as Ra'za, Untamed Sky Lord

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