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*And by at Comic Con we mean we saw footage of it on the interwebs.


This week, hosts Matt and Cody discuss some of the big news out of San Diego Comic Con.  Included subjects are Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Ant-Man, Wonder Woman, Superman vs. Batman, Age of Ultron, Agents of Shield, and more.


In Geek Movie of the Week, Matt invites everyone to check out Amazing Spiderman 2 with him at the Dollar Movie Theater.


Cody catches us up on Batman Eternal in What We've Been Reading


My apologies for the sound quality in this episode, I have done my best to eliminate any clicks and pops without distorting the waves.  -C

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This week, Matt and Cody start off by revealing shameful secrets.  They also need more sleep, can you tell?


We go backwards in this episode, as we start with a long discussion of amusement parks and why we find them enjoyable.


Matt discusses his latest reads of Death of the Family and Game of Thrones while Cody gives a spoiler filled update of Marvel's summer event Original Sin.


We really need to stop podcasting late at night.  Enjoy the show!

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This week on the Rancor's Brothel we invite fellow Follow Networks podcaster Lucas Patterson on the show to discuss the Comic Book Club at The Android's Dungeon in Avon.  This past weekend the club met for the second time to discuss the first volume of the Walking Dead, and much conversation and hilarity ensued.


We also talk about what we've been reading.  Matt shows some love for Warren Ellis, Lucas updates the guys on the indepedent scene, and Cody catches up and some much needed comic books.


And in our movie of the week, the group discusses the first Transformers film thanks to Matt's sentimentality.  Happy Anniversary to Matt and Nat!


That plus all the Gargoyles love you can handle in this episode of the Rancor's Brothel.

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This week on the Good Ship Brothel we invite our resident sound designer and music man Ian Shannon along for the ride to discuss his first ever viewing of the Ridley Scott classic, Alien.  Be prepared for a surprisingly intellectual conversation about horror, xenomorphs, and predators that eventually descends into chaos and tomfoolery.



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This week we mix it up a bit and just have a random conversation covering some broad topics.  In this episode, you will find:

Wolverine against a Sith Lord

Android's Dungeon Book Club

ASH Show review and how to not get swindled

Game Time


... and the Brothel's new favorite holiday.  Abandon hope, all ye who enter the Rancor's Brothel

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