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In this episode a stunning duo of brave podcasters leap from the future of 2013 into the present of the 70's to save Nixon... or was it the 80's to protect a senator?  Have no fear though, brothelities, your time traveling hosts will sort it and the rest of the X-Men loopholes out... or at least struggle vainly to make sense of it all.  Join us in the time warp, will you?

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In this week's episode we chat about HBO's latest hit, True Detective, and the bizarre themes and topics the show naturally evokes.  The crime procedural/cop buddy tv show takes a bizarre twist into dark realms of nilhilism, cult activity, and the truly profane.  Our conversation is suprisingly light on spoilers, so if you want a taste of the madness come on in to the brothel and we'll see how far down the crazy rabbit hole goes.

Our reading segment covers two new awesome books by Jason Aaron, as well as a discussion on Batman.

For Geek Movie of the Week, Matt attempts to sell Cody on watching the RoboCop reboot.

And this week's Vs. pits RoboCop against DC's Cyborg.

We also spent too much time talking about camping... and we hate trains.

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Its a short but sweet episode this week as we forgo our typical format in order to recap Indy Pop Con.  The weekend was long but enjoyable, and we were able to meet a few heroes and make some new friends.  Here about our experiences, likes, dislikes, and general drooling over some of our favorite comic book folks.  Also, be sure to check out the recording of our Comic Book Making panel over on the Instant Film review podcast.

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