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Fuck it, I dont know what to type. Just download this show. Its funny and informative. Get your geek on. 

Who would win in a fight between a Predator and a Klingon? 

Is Batman a sociopath?

Is The Watchmen Alan Moore's best on screen adaptation?

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Agents of SHIELD companion pod

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Anne MotherFu**ing Rice is returning to The Vampire Chronicles with "Prince Lestat" on October 28th 2014! I hope it makes me as sexually confused as the previous novels mind. Enjoy!

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I was right!!! Super sorry if you watched tonights Shield episode without having watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Spoilers.

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A Game of Thrones vs, Cody bought too many comic books and we talk about the new Captain America movie! Enjoy!

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Who can Coulson and Skye trust?

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