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2 episodes of BSG all set for your ear holes. Enjoy

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Dont be alarmed. I know its been a long time since you saw a Rancor's Brothel on your Tuesday queue. Sometimes, grown-ups just need to take time apart to fully appreciate what they had. Please take me back baby! I love you!

Lost, Geek Movie of the Week, Vs and much more  

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Made for tv movie!!!

When's a razor not a razor? When its an allegorical pocket knife.

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WOW! We just watched an hour and a half of court procedural drama to get to the most intense 10 minutes of BSG to date! Holy Shi-poop!

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Sorry about the audio issues, my microphone appears to be having some troubles.

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Ok, its the lame episode before all Hell breaks loose in space. Or so people have hinted towards. Very short episode and it was interrupted by a 2 year old so the listeners can know just how hard it can be to find a free 5 minutes to lay down a pod. We hope you enjoy!

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Welcome Aaron! Lets meet our new co-host and get prepared for the second half of season 1!

Enjoy your hangover!

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