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Holy Overused Turn of Phrase, it's time for Batman! This is a pod with a lot of problems, from power outages, crying babies and cats playing with golf balls in the kitchen; your hosts brave these dangers and more to bring you part 1 in this exciting cliffhanging Issue! What else do we discuss besides Batman? Well' the Nerd-of-the-Week is a Pornstar, and who would win in a tag team Battle Royale: BumbleeBee and Magneto vs Yoda and The Maestro (Hulk's alternate personality). Enjoy!


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This week, our heroes find themselves discussing the hometown of the first superhero! The versus could have been a good match this week between Drizzt Do'Urden and the original Human Torch until we rolled the old 20-sider to find out the fight is on Stumbos IV, a planet with 10 times the gravity of Earth. Dustins Dungeon of Deepness takes us to Blade Runner, which none of us have seen (sorry!) and we wrap it up with a fanboy gushing all over the show Smallville. Enjoy!

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This week our heroes welcome their first female guest to the Brothel Studios as they discuss all manner of power rings, be they magical or other! Dustin set's up the most one-sided versus scenario imaginable, we enter the dank murkiness of Dustin's Deep Dungeon of Deepness with a little Young Frankenstein talk, and Matt starts the show off by not recording 25 minutes of conversation! "I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!" Enjoy!

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This week, the boys speak with Chris Canary of Chris and Crys Take Over The World about a great many things all while our heroes babysit an 18 month old,which leads to some interesting edit points. They geek this week on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as Wil Wheaton, Goliath from Gargoyles and Hawkeye. Also, they talk about gross guy stuff like turgid body parts and which incarnation of April O'neil that they'd like to put it in. Enjoy!

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This week, the boys welcome a new guest in to Brothel Studios to discuss some of the basics of Dungeons and Dragons! They talk about Dustin's Boy vagina, a hotly debated nerd topic (the inherent good nature of Superman), and a comparison of the plight of the Autobots and the Civil Rights Movement...

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