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In a rare break from continuity, The Rancor's Brothel Presents: Super Mario Brothers. In this special bonus Issue, the boys use their colorful perspective to watch and discuss Super Mario Bros the movie. You can simply listen to the show, or watch along with the movie, either way, you win. Think of this as Star Road in Super Mario World.

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This week, the boys get chatty with a Stargate pro, they discuss Kratos vs Thor, Dustin tries to read from the Nerd Bible while drunk, Matt berates him...thats about it!

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This week the boys talk about the history behind the Mega-Brand Lego. Also, the worst Vs scenario ever, Dustin tells a dumb joke and Matt calls him out on it, guest star Kyle drinks whisky and the boys all help you nerd out a little bit more.

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Today, the boys have a guest in the studio, discuss Mark Hamill's nerdiness, Hellboy vs Beast in a Crossover matchup, and they get chatty about the 3rd largest publisher of comics in the world!

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